OK, so firstly I have a few other sites you might enjoy:

www.queenoftheoddballs.com: My memoir that came out in 2006 from HarperCollins. The site is chock full o' fun thangs including video clips of me teaching Ellen Degeneres how to eat fire on her show, and my appearance on the ORIGINAL Gong Show, where I won with a comedy juggling routine!

Do check out the site for my web design company. Portfolio features over 50 sparkly examples!

I'm the creator, host, and editor of this literary website featuring personal essays written by a diverse lineup of all-star writers, directors, producers, performers and personalities.


Then there's the À la Cart posse:
Barbara Green: photographer
Dominie Till: make up
Virgin Books, USA: publisher

And how about these other amazing sites celebrating FOUND items!:
Found Magazine
Dirty Found
Other People's Grocery Lists
Found book inscriptions
Abandoned Photo Museum

Peeps or sites or blogs I dig, and so might you!:

Maxine Lapiduss: Creative Strategist
To Do List blog
Post Secret

Bubbles and Cheesecake

À la Cart: The Secret Lives of Grocery Shoppers -- a "hilarious, delightful, unique" book by Hillary Carlip
From Virgin Books, © 2008