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Found by Drew and Jim -- Fort Myers, FL

"(Look at what you've started!!!) This is from a retired couple named Jim and Carol. They have only been married 3 years, second marriage for both. Both divorced, she 30 years ago, when her two kids were very small, and her husband walked out. She started selling real estate because she could make her own hours.

Jim got his girlfriend pregnant while in business school. Because they were very Catholic, it was Detroit in 1970, they got married. Fortunately Jim's wife's father was in finance at General Motors, and he wanted to make sure his little girl was well taken care of so Jim got the start to his career. Jim's father in law finally died 5 years ago, and after the funeral, Jim's wife asked him for a divorce. Neither of them wanted the house anymore, and Carol got the listing.

After the divorce was final, Jim called Carol, and after more than a little convincing, she agreed to go to dinner with him.

A year later he took a retirement buyout package from GM, and they dated for another year until she accepted his proposal (and prenup). They spend half the year in a gated golfing community in Naples Florida. And they drive a white Lexus convertible. He takes care of the pool himself, and has a vegetable garden. And they both have gin and tonics on the lanai."
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À la Cart: The Secret Lives of grocery Shoppers -- a "hilarious, delightful, unique" book by Hillary Carlip
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